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About Electroline

Company’s History & Information

Founded in 2005, Electroline is a progressive enterprise which aims to remain at the cutting edge of innovation and technology. As a company not only have we invested in the latest manufacturing technology and design systems, but also in strategic alliances and human resources to provide seamless execution along the entire length of the supply chain. We have come to recognize that it is differentiation rather than homogeneity that sets us apart.

In today’s rising input cost environment, many companies have been forced to compromise on quality, outsource or rely on cheap labour to produce/supply a competitively priced product. However, we at Electroline believe that manufacturing a competitively priced quality product is still possible regardless of whether it is standard or bespoke.

Our range of products is purposefully chosen to consider the end user, architect, consultant and installer.


Some of Our Major Clients

The Centaurus
Emerald Towers
Gul Ahmed
Indus Hospital
Regent Plaza
Serena Hotels
Askari Bank

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Lighting Energy Audit

BY admin Jan 13, 2016


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